Spoiler-Free Review: Five Total Strangers

“They were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse…” wait no! that’s The Breakfast Club.

Author: Natalie D Richards

It’s Christmas Eve, Local news is reporting the blizzard of the century, and all the flights are canceled. Mira has already made it from her elite art school in California to Pennsylvania, It’s just a little further to Pittsburgh and her mom. The mom who is newly single and still mourning Mira’s aunt. Mira knows mom is barley hanging on. Leaving her alone at Christmas is not an option!

When some collage kids – who assume she’s in collage too- decide to rent a car and drive through the storm Mira piles in with them. Five total strangers hop into that car, but by the end of this Christmas road trip they will be far more…

Mysterious hitchhikers, redneck gas station attendants, maybe a budding romance. It’s all fun and games until people’s belongings start disappearing and it becomes clear one of them is a thief. What does the thief want? Who can you trust, when you are surrounded by total strangers?

This is not a nail-biting thriller. This is that episode of “Murder She Wrote” where the killer was a dog! It HAS to be a red herring. Right?! No, that is the solution. But you know what? I love that episode of Murder She Wrote.

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