Review: Inuyasha Vol 1


Author: Rumiko Takahashi

Inuyasha was mentioned in one of my very first posts. but I never gave it a proper review.

The plot is as simple as manga goes: Kagome is a modern teenage girl who falls into a magical well in her backyard. She finds herself in the feudal era… like you do.

She learns that in a past life, a demon tricked her and her half demon boyfriend – Inuyasha- into trying to kill each other so that he could steal a magical jewel that Kagome’s past self was protecting.

Inuyasha and Kagome team up to hunt down the demon and get back the jewel and save the world!

Along the way, they meet lots of kooky characters, like the lechourous monk with a black hole in his hand. Or the demon hunter who watched her brainwashed brother slaughter their whole village. The tag-along kid fox. The Wolf Demon with bling in his legs who wants to marry Kagome. And who could forget the traumatized, undead child who starts following around the demon lord?

The most improbable part of this story is: somehow in the middle of all this, Kagome is able to keep up with her school work!

Like I said it’s a very simple plot.

Seriously though, there is a reason that this series is almost everyone’s gateway into anime and manga. It’s both gripping and complex without getting weighed down.

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