Spoiler-Free Review: Remember Me?

“The trouble with giving yourself a pep talk is, that deep down you know it’s all bullshit.”

Author: Sophie Kinsella

During a girl’s night, the down on her luck (and single again) Lexi falls and hits her head. She wakes up years later with a amazing career and adoring husband. This isn’t a mistake, or a dream this IS Lexi’s life, Lexi has amnesia and has forgotten the last two years of her life. What changed? If only she could remember.

I really like this book. It’s a fun light read with a fun element of mystery. You spend most of the book wondering why Lexi would make many of the choices that she did. When you finally find out the big change that happened in Lexi’s life, you understand why Lexi changed.

I like the balance with Lexi’s husband, he’s kind of a jerk (He’s weirdly controlling about money) but he’s not a bad guy (at one point Lexi thinks sleeping with him will bring back her memory, but as soon as he realizes Lexi is not as into things as she’s pretending, he backs off and sleeps in the guest room) He’s not evil or abusive, but he is controlling. He has issues, but they can be worked on. It’s completely believable that pre-amnesia Lexi would start a relationship with this guy.

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