Spoiler-Free Review: A Match Made in Space

Author: George McFly

Under the sea his match shall be

Round and round to count of three

Far from Vulcan, Vesta or San

Die the boy, and live the man

Prophesy of the Khirqrut

In a far flung pocket dimension, the planet Vulcan is on the brink of dying. The only hope is young Garth. Garth was prophesied to be the Khirqrut, the leader that Vulcan needs… but an accident with a density manipulator almost killed the boy, and DID send him to earth.

It took his uncle D’Vade years to find young Grath, and what he found a nervous teenage boy. Great Scott! If Grath does not learn to embrace his alien powers soon all of Vulcan will be doomed! But there is one thing young Grath will stand up for, the lovely Reylene. How can D’Vade mold Garth into the young man Vulcan needs?

I love George McFly’s writing! The prose are some of the best I’ve ever read. He is also able to thread the line of damsel-in-distress. Reylene is a strong, yet believably vulnerable, young woman. She pushes Grath to step up, and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants: like early in the subplot when she makes a move on Grath’s best friend Cal. Yet when Reylene finds herself in danger, she does needed a rescue. It all works with the plot instead of the plot bending over backwards to give us the “save the girl” moment.

I highly recommend this book to fans of scifi, and romance alike.

Random Fan theory: Is Cal secretly uncle D’Vade? I mean the way he comes and goes from the plot, it’s like Cal has this whole other story going on…

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