Spoiler-Free Review: Hector Fox and the Giant Quest

Author: Astrid Sheckles

“I would love to meet a giant”

Hector and his friends have heard the stories about giants, and want to know if they are true. So they set out across the Green Wood, through the Dark Forest and into the Forbidden Marsh on their quest to find a giant.

The artwork in the book is amazing! I can’t keep this book on the shelf at the library, everyone snatches this book up because of that beautiful cover! It’s that Beatrix Potter, watercolor style you NEVER see in lighthearted children’s books anymore!

I particularly like that Lucy Skunk, is a skunk. Sheckles managed to make a skunk, adorable. As an adult I like the message that sends to little girls about how you can be yourself regardless of the assumptions people make about you. But it’s so subtle I doubt Sheckles even thought about it when creating the character.

My one criticism of the book is the narration could have used some touching up. It’s told in a distant third person narration, and I think the story would flow better if it was told in a close third person narration. I know, that is such a literature nerd nitpick most people don’t even know what I just critiqued.

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