Spoiler-Free Review: The Magic Treehouse #12: Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

“He must be boiling seal meat,” said Jack.
“The poor seals,” said Annie.

I want a magic library card!

Anne needs to learn boundaries. Wild animals are wild animals, they are not pets. Leave the baby bears alone! Sure they are cute and fuzzy until they rip your face off! Anne needs to learn a healthy respect for nature.

Don’t think I didn’t notice Morgen sending the kids to the ARTIC without supplies! Further proof for my theory that Morgen is trying to kill them! You know, bad things happen when you go to the artic unprepared. Ask the Franklin Expedition, that’s how you end up killing and eating each other… go on Jack, no one would blame you.

The riddle in this one bothering me. Every time the kids get a new riddle, I put down the book and give my answer to the riddle. Why? Because I’m an adult reading a kid’s book! That’s why.

I cover what’s real and hide what’s true, but sometimes I bring out the courage in you

My answer was: fear. I was overthinking about how fear can distort your perspective, but also inspire change… yeah I really overthought this one.

All that being said, this is a solid next adventure for Jack and Anne. I wonder what these stupid kids are going to get up to next.

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